Accredited, onsite ultrasound imaging for diagnosis and treatment

Ultrasound Imaging is a powerful tool we use for diagnosis and treatment.  ORNS is one of only three practices in Illinois accredited by The American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine to provide on-site, diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided interventions.

The Arnold Inflammatory Arthritis Ultrasound Profile (AIAUP)

We have created the Arnold Inflammatory Arthritis Ultrasound Profile (AIAUP) for the diagnosis and management of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Gout, Pseudo Gout and other conditions with joint inflammation.  The AIAUP can help determine if inflammation is present and help direct medication and treatment choices.  We can tell you if interventions such as medication, vitamins, acupuncture, diet changes and supplements have made your inflammation go away.

Ultrasound imaging detects damage or inflammation not evident on X-rays or during physical exams.  We use ultrasound to monitor your response to therapy, helping determine if lowering or increasing therapy is necessary.  Ultrasound-guided injections ensure accuracy and increase the effectiveness of delivered therapies. Additionally, our patients consistently report that ultrasound-guided injections are less painful or even pain-free when compared to blind injections.

UltrasoundTestimonial“I have noticed a big difference in injections I receive that are ultrasound-guided.  The injections are much less painful, and I feel like the medicine is more targeted and works quicker.”    Jackson K. – Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

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