On-site, rheumatologist-supervised

Our Infusion Suite provides a comfortable atmosphere and unparalleled service for our patients who require medications to be delivered intravenously. While other practices may have to utilize off-site oncology or hospital-based centers for their patients’ infusions, our on-site center is staffed with an experienced nurse and supervised by our doctors – all experts in dealing with rheumatologic medications – ensuring the most effective and safe administration of your medication.

Additionally, in this age of high co-pays and deductibles, the charges in our infusion center are often much lower – sometimes by a factor of three- to four-fold – for the same services in a hospital-based center.


“The ORNS Suite is welcomig and convenient.  I don’t have to run all over town getting a treatment here and a shot there.  It makes getting my infusion actually an enjoyable experience! ” – Marlene W. – Patient

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